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Basedworld’s veteran producer & TEAMSESH affiliated, Henrik Engstler, better known as KID HNRK in the internet realm, provides the latest sounds for the STYLSS Mix Series. He breaks it open with Bone’s “30DaysFreeTrial,” leading into other rare 3D gems such as: Horse Head, Lil Spook, and fellow TeamSesh-mate: Fifty Grand. If you’re emotional, if your face is too rare for the world, if you’re a kind, humble, based individual who would like a moment to reflect on the pleasures of positivity, then you have certainly arrived. *Toad voice* Here we GOoooooOO. -@nephewbirthday
Kid HNRK keeps it humble while showing gratitude: “I just want to thank everybody and lil b” 
STYLSS Recipe 025: KID HRNK’s Special For Two
a pinch of pul biber
1 1/2 teaspoons of sambal ulek
1 1/3 teaspoons of fish sauce
212ml of coconut milk
157g of trout 
a pinch of pepper & salt
a lot of passion and love
a person to hug 
a pink bandana
First, listen to some Lil B and train your cooking skills before trying to prepare this meal. Apply your pink bandana on your wrist, forehead or your neck. Cut the fish into small pieces and fry it in the pan with an oil of your choice. Take the fish out the pan, pour all the coconut milk in the pan and boil it until it starts bubbling. Turn down the heat, add the fish sauce, the pul biber and the sambal ulek while constantly stirring. Afterwards, add the already cooked fish and let it brew for some minutes. Serve it with some instant noodles, couscous or rice and hug somebody. Enjoy :+) 
STYLSS Mix 025: KID HRNK tracklist:
Bones - 30DayFreeTrial
BastienGoat - A Wasted Day
Horse Head - Japanese Garden
Ecco2k - Hold Me Down Like Gravity
Lil Ugly Mane - Lookin 4 Tha Suckin
Xavier Wulf - Wulf Titan
Lux Natura - Your Reflection
Chris Travis - Pure Life
Fifty Grand - Scary All Over (Kid HNRK Remix)
Lil Spook - Without U
Falls - All 4 U
Klimeks & Kid HNRK - Nitegloom
EASTGHOST - 5yearsaloneandthriving
Kid HNRK - unreleased track (has no name yet)
C O N N E C T • W I T H • K I D  H R N K :